The #unemploymentclub

As the boats of the Sydney upper classes blur by while my train zips along to Milsons Point, that old familiar elative sensation starts to trickle down my neck. This will be the last time I catch a train to North Sydney for work. The last time i catch any train to any form of work for the foreseeable future. This weekend marks my return to the unemployment club.

this is a cool kids club. Where your only roles and responsibilities revolve around chasing dreams, running on your own schedule, beating to your own drum.

It’s baffling, considering the high levels of fun and freedom, to think our club is the minority.

Yet, understood. Letting go of financial security and a healthy looking resume is a little bit like letting go of the edge of a cliff when you’re dangling from it’s face. There’s raging choppy rivers below my friend and it sure as hell won’t be smooth as but… does it beat waking up everyday and doing something that makes you feel a little bit empty inside?

I will let you answer that for yourself.

Some people love their jobs (you might actually be a smaller club then the unemployment squad).

A lot of people don’t. They don’t love their jobs and they don’t jump off the cliffs to swim against the current either. This I can understand. It is really, really hard to stand against a wall of societal norms with your own cheap little spray can and start to write your own rules. NOt only do you face the disbelief, disrespect or disdain of others ( these i call the #headstuckuptheirarseclub), you also have to deal with your own creepy-crawly doubts…

Is there something wrong with you? Are you not smart enough? why can’t you get your shit together like everybody else? Do several half degrees make one whole degree? What will you do when your bank balance reaches 0 again? 

Shut it off!

Straight on the table – I do not advocate that everyone needs to quit their jobs to travel. You don’t and a lot of my friends do fantastically at alternating work with worldly adventures. I am sure almost everyone has days where they do not want to go to work. Even the #lovemyjob club. You wouldn’t drop everything just for a bad day. All I am gonna say is, if you wake up for days on end, look at yourself in the mirror, and think continuously, “get me the fuck out of here“, then sweets, you’re probably ready to jump. You might not even hate your job. you could just be denying yourself a natural urge to explore. Unhealthy, suffocating. Yuck.

The unemployment club, come and join us. We’re not scary, or bossy, or crazy or mean. Actually we’re all just doing our own thing. Ticking off the never-ending bucket lists, winging it, doing what we love regardless of monetary reward, drinking beers with strangers on a school night BECAUSE WE CAN…until the right job comes along worth climbing back out the river for.


#unemploymentclub. It’s good to be back.


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