Walking on the Moon – Valle de Luna

Bolivia – La Paz

La Paz is a weird fucking place man. Where taxi drivers sell cocaine, people pay to live in a prison, people are paid to dress as zebras to encourage cars to actually STOP at the pedestrian crossings (an interesting persuasive  tactic to make cars actually stop, and people actually cross, at pedestrian safe zones) and you can drive 10 minutes out of the city centre to experience a landscape quite literally out-of-this-world.



Here’s an urban legend for ya…

Not sure if you’ve heard but some giant Bolivian monster took on the moon one day and bit a chunk right out of her spitting it out in disgust to land just 10kms out of the La Paz city center.
They’ll tell you it was actually a geographical phenomenon, something to do with erosion from wind and rains (heard that before) and colours formed by the varying mineral content of the valley mountains (yawn).

But nah mate. Totally some alien voodoo happening over here.


Though missing the zero gravity the Valle de la Lune is a quirky little attraction giving you a small escape from the hectic traffic blocked streets of the Centre. A 40 bolivianao taxi each way split between a few of us was no hassle. It is after all, only one small step for mankind.


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